Property Management with Hawkes

With over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial property management, we understand that an effective management service comes down to excellent communication. Our lettings negotiators and property managers are exceptional communicators – and by building strong relationships with you and your tenants, we’ll ensure the management of your property runs smooth and efficiently.
Our property management service is aimed to give you complete peace of mind and dismiss you of the stress and demands that being a full-time landlord brings. Whether you’re an experienced buy-to-let investor or just starting out with your first rental property, we’ll be happy to style a bespoke property management service that suits you best!

Dedicated property manager

Tenants residing in our managed properties are given a dedicated property manager and a 24-hour emergency helpline, so you won’t be disturbed at any time with pesky maintenance calls! They’ll ensure that your home adheres to all legal and safety obligations before, and during the term of the tenancy. Your property manager will be on hand to take care of the everyday management of your property and any further complex issues, including emergency repairs.

Keeping costs low

Our longstanding relationship with expert and carefully vetted contractors allows for us to handle and instruct maintenance repairs and upkeeps at outstandingly low costs.
As proprietors, we’re intent on calculating expenses and maintenance costs whilst bearing consideration to your on-going outflows; such as mortgage repayments, insurance costs and/or service charges.
We’ll even pay for a repair if its cost is £50 or less, up to a limit of twice a year – no ridiculous charges and call out fees for having a bulb changed!

Collecting your rent

Hawkes invest in the latest and best of property management and accounting systems allowing for us to effectively track, collect and forward approaching rental payments without delay.

Quarterly inspections of your property

Many a time a tenant may dismiss the trivial and ‘minor’ leak from the kitchen; or simply be oblivious to it. These may seem of little to no concern at first, but can grow to cause major issues if left untreated or even worse, unseen.
For this reason, our property managers will schedule quarterly inspections with your tenant to avoid any small repairs turning in to large ones.

Book a Valuation

Thinking of letting? Request a Valuation with one of our lettings experts.