Presentation goes a long way. The way your home is displayed on marketing platforms will have a direct impact on buyers and renters first impressions, and may even be the foremost deciding factor in how much your property will achieve on the rental market. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression – that’s why professional photos of your home are imperative.


Before an agent has begun marketing your property, you should decide whether you want to let your property furnished or unfurnished. It is key to be able to market to as large an audience as possible, so flexibility with furnishings is an advantage. Walls and any furnishings should be kept to neutral colours. A well-kept property will attract great tenants; and sometimes a lick of paint is all that’s needed to bring your property’s splendour back to life!


Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:


From the outside
  • Start by choosing a bright day with clear skies
  • Have any vehicles from the front/drive of the property moved
  • Remove bins, waste and any other clutter from the front of the property
  • Cut down any grass and remove any wildflowers growing in/around the lawn and garden
  • Redecorate or recoat where any dilapidated/worn paint is visible (advisable on all arrears internally and externally)
  • Clean all windows
Reception rooms
  • Ensure the reception is free of clutter
  • Pull back curtains and remove any nettings to allow natural light to flow freely
  • Items such as photo frames, DVDs, tissue boxes and magazines should be removed from sight
  • Remove children’s toys out of sight
  • Hide out of sight all electrical cables, such as cables for landline phones, TVs, desk lamps, DVD players, musical players and games consoles
  • Set dining room tables
  • Remove any throws and arrange cushions in a symmetrical fashion
  • Make sure all bulbs are in working order and replace those that are not
  • Regularly open windows to allow fresh air to flow through the house – spray fresh aromas to give off a homely feeling to viewers
  • Remove all personal items such as photo frames, ornaments on windowsills and general clutter on bedside tables (tissue boxes, glass cases, electrical devices/chargers)
  • Make the bed and choose good-quality bed linen, especially for photos
  • Place flowers in a vase to add a touch of colour to the room
  • Move storage containers out of sight
  • Pull back curtains and remove any nettings to allow natural light to flow freely
  • Clear all worktop space of clutter
  • Move food items out of sight
  • Have bins taken out of sight
  • Ensure all dishes are stored away
  • Remove personal items that may be in sight, such as photo frames, ornaments and fridge magnets
  • Ensure that worktop and kitchen appliances are grease and dirt-free
  • Remove all clutter, such as hair and body products out of sight
  • Remove all make-up products out of sight
  • Ensure the floors, mirrors and bath/shower enclosure are kept free of watermarks
  • Keep the toilet lid down
  • Have bath towels folded and kept in a neat manner
  • Regularly open windows to clear humidity and allow fresh air in